Here's to a new beginning of sharing recipes to help the your culinary juices flow in the kitchen! 

Today's recipe is one that I have for too long have been putting off & forgetting to make, mostly because I though it had to be done overnight and would either forget or just no know if id be in the mood the morning after and have it go to waste..

Little did I know it take less than 15 min to make this awesomely taste treat!!

Without further ado lets jump right in! 

Honey Coconut Chia Seed Pudding! 


Start by getting a large sharp knife & opening your coconuts. A great way to do so is by giving it three to four good whacks about and inch down from the top on a 45 degree angle. Hit once turn clockwise and repeat until open. Once open pour the water of one coconut into a small bowl.
Next your going to want to mash the banana very nicely to make into a smooth puree. You can also use a blender for this part if making a few batches at once.
You will then add your chia seeds to the coconut water & stir thoroughly until everything is well incorporated.
Then it's time to get into the coconut. If youve opened your coconut properly it should have a hole large enough to fit a spoon into. At this point your going to want to scrape out the flesh of the coconut & rinse it off once removed from inside to ensure no hard chunks of shell fell in.
Chop up the coconut flesh finely & add to a small pan with a touch of honey. Place on medium high heat for 10 min or till golden and sticky. Note this step can be skipped to make a 100% RAW PUDDING! 

Once done, you can now layer in some coconut into a small jar or glass, then some pudding, then more coconut & voila! You have yourself a wholesome & super tasty breakfast, snack or dessert all in one! 
Here are the exact ingredients needed for this recipe!  


You'll need: 

2 fresh young coconut

1 banana or 3 mini bananas 

1/4 cup chia seeds 

All available in the Fresh Produce section at Pardess Farms! 


Hope you enjoyed & see you soon!  



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